Balance of Things
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Using Technology for our lives is always a goal for us. How to make our lives easier, faster; how to save more time and accomplish more works, is the main issue for now. From movies, we see many high technique, modern equipment showing. However, it is done and designed via computer. When it comes to the reality, there are many productions which have presented, but most of them are still developing, even could not be sale in the market.

Now Google is presenting this Android Wear, a future watch. We wonder, do we really need an extra watch to read all information that we can read from the smart phone? Especially when the display is so small. Does it work and make our life more convenient? Or it would be just another Technology trend, and will be eliminate later.

From the other side, sometimes when we are busy, we do really need another way to hold the smart phone and get information from it. Maybe this was the original idea from Android Wear's designers. From the little display to show the information as much as possible. It can be also operate via voice, such a good idea to help. Two videos to let you get more details behind the future watch. Looking forward to more news from Google.

1 /10