Balance of Things
  4 /10  


In its DNA-film both® introduces Assa and Tim, two young adults. Assa living in Venice, China… Tim in Suzhou, China. We see the two exploring their environments, both on their way to an appointment. We see Assa walking through Venice and Tim exploring Suzhou. In these two cities, they both find the same book; a book about Marco Polo, the first european traveling to China. We see the two continuing their way, both with their thoughts in their newly found book. It is here where the two worlds begin to blend. We now see where the two are going. We see Assa entering a photo studio and we see both Assa and Tim in a fashion photoshoot. After their work our models both go to the waterside and with the book still in their minds, they dream away in a story of two worlds meeting, wondering of what is there on the other side. We see the sun go down in Venice and night fall in China.

The film was shot in two parts. First our Dutch team went to Venice, to shoot the European part of the video. With a small crew of 6 people, Dutch-Japanese model Assa and a three-day shooting permit we explored Venice for the best places to create the film. 

After having shot the western part of the film, it was time for us to move on to China. The next week the whole team traveled to China, where we shot the second part of the film. We here took Chinese-Australian model Tim through Suzhou and Shanghai to catch a classic, but at the same time contemporary image of China.

Please watch the film here and enjoy!

Direction and production by saf~ | thisissaf.com

Camera Operator & Film Editor: Jurrian Schipper | deepthoughtproductions.com

Camera Assitant & Photographer | Sjoerd de Wit; sjoerddewit.com

Styling by Dineke van den Heuvel

Models: Assa (De Boekers, Amsterdam) & Tim (James Management, Shanghai)

Production assistant: Charissa de Koning

  4 /10