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D&G Barber shop

Men are used to shave their hair and beard in barbershops. In barbershops, they only give service to male customers. There are no blond beauties who wear sexy uniform, but Barbers who wear black and white shirts, and carry a white towel in the hands or on the shoulders. Here, in barbershops is a place for men to get away from women, a space to recharge the energy.

There is a traditional Italian barbershop on the ground floor of their new, three-storey men's shop on London's New Bond Street. After their opening, right away it catches all men's attention. This is a special barbershop from Dolce & Gabbana.

In the entrance, you will find leopard-print chairs, polished marble floors and thick green velvet curtains, which match to the style of Italian men. Not to mention the pleasingly large portrait of Scarlett Johansson hanging on the wall; it is a great view when you waiting to shave. A totally Italian atmosphere, sexy manly style. Barbers to shave customer's hair and beard in a traditional way. Even just ask for a "Dolce", this is the quickest way to get one of the looks you've seen marching down the latest runway. In Dolce & Gabbana barbershop, Beard trim from £30, hair cut from £60. When you are in London, visit this special and unique barbershop, to experience the Italian Man Style.

  3 /10